UFC on Fox: The German Pascal Krauss dominated the fight from start to finish and won by unanimous decision

1938_el Pascal Krauss dominates the actions against Mike Stumpf and wins by unanimous decision. LEARN HOW WAS THE FIGHTING!

Pascal Krauss vs. Mike Stumpf

Round 1
Herb Dean is the referee for this welterweight bout. Krauss touches Stumpf’s chin with a long left hand and Stumpf answers with an outside leg kick. A couple more leg kicks from Stumpf and now Krauss is checking them. Krauss throws a few leg kicks of his own, but 90 seconds in, he has one caught and Stumpf takes him down. Stumpf tries to advance to side control, gets stuffed back to Krauss’ full guard. Krauss creates space, pushes Stumpf away and pops back up. Krauss lands a leaping uppercut and clinches to throw knees up the middle. Now it’s Krauss changing levels for a single-leg and getting stifled by Stumpf, who lands some nice right hands inside. Stumpf takes a front kick to the face which bloodies his nose. Krauss walks in on him and drops Stumpf with an uppercut, but Stumpf stays up and goes after a single-leg. Krauss defends it and finishes the round trying for a standing guillotine.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Krauss
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Krauss
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Krauss

Round 2

D. Mandel

Krauss cruised to a unanimous decision.

Krauss zaps Stumpf with a couple quick combinations, misses with another jumping uppercut. The next flashy uppercut lands, and Krauss is just racking up the shots on Stumpf, who is throwing less and less in return. Krauss ducks a slow left hand and takes Stumpf down, but Stumpf hits the switch and turns the tables, putting Krauss’ back against the fence with 3:00 on the clock. Stumpf works to pass to the side while Krauss throws elbows to the body from the seated position. Stumpf briefly threatens with a headlock but it only allows Krauss to post and get back to his feet.

Now it’s Krauss controlling the action on the fence, working knees and level elbows in the clinch. Stumpf punches his way out with a pair of hard right hands, dives on a takedown and gets caught in a headlock. Krauss gives him a few knees before grabbing underhooks and pressing Stumpf against the fence. Stumpf lands a leg kick and gets off the fence just as the round runs out.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Krauss
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Krauss
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Krauss

Round 3
Krauss snaps back Stumpf’s head with a lead uppercut and follows up with more long punches, backing Stumpf into the fence. Ref Dean calls a brief timeout for Stumpf to replace his fallen mouthpiece. Krauss lands a series of five or six hard right hooks but Stumpf still won’t go down. Chopping leg kicks from Krauss now and he tries another headlock when Stumpf shoots low. Krauss lands a couple knees from the position before releasing. Stumpf keeps coming forward, trying to throw hands, but Krauss is picking him off with counters and shutting down his takedown attempts. After a pair of long rights from Krauss land, Stumpf surprises with a couple nice punches of his own. When Stumpf’s next shot doesn’t work, he pulls guard. Down to the final minute and Krauss is riding it out on top, grinding on Stumpf with elbows and short punches. Stumpf swings his legs up for an armbar attempt at the last second; Krauss pulls out and should be on his way to a decision win.

Tristen Critchfield scores the round 10-9 Krauss (30-27 Krauss)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Krauss (30-27 Krauss)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Krauss (30-27 Krauss)

Official result: All three judges score the bout 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Pascal Krauss.

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Pascal Krauss domina as ações contra Mike Stumpf e vence por decisão unânime. SAIBA COMO FOI O COMBATE!

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