Dennis Siver angry about fight cancellation and Jon Jones

Dennis Siver hopes for a new fight date very soon. (Photo: Dorian Szuecs/GroundandPound)

It was the shocker of the month: UFC 151 has been canceled after Dan Henderson was sidelined with an injury and at such short notice no suitable replacement could be found for a title shot against UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. The fans and all the other fighters scheduled for the event are suffering from the situation. The German Dennis Siver is one of them. He will not fight Eddie Yagin on the 1st of September. We’ve talked to him about the whole situation.

“I’m very upset”, Siver told GroundandPound. “I’ve invested so much time for preparation and kept my weight all the time. Now it was all for nothing.”

The fighter from Mannheim, Germany was scheduled to compete againt the Hawaiian Eddie Yagin in a main card bout. Both opponents already expressed their thoughts in the current issue of the GroundandPound journal.

“Train hard! It will be the toughest fight of your life”, Yagin said towards Siver. The German made a sideswipe at Yagins earlier statements about his own skill level: “I always train hard. Go watch some other fighters to see some good level stand up skills.”

After the cancellation of UFC 151 the UFC has begun to move the scheduled bouts to later events. It’s very likely that Siver and Yagin will compete against each other in the near future.

“The UFC promised to reschedule the fight against the same opponent as soon as possible”, said Siver. “However, I don’t know an exact date yet. I hope it happens very soon.”

With the cancellation of the event the search for a culprit began. Is it Jon Jones, who declined a fight against Chael Sonnen? Is it the UFC, which grabbed no proper co-main event to the program? Is it Dan Henderson, who was waiting for three weeks to announce the injury?

The UFC scapegoated its light heavyweight champion from the start. After all, he could have saved the event, if he had accepted a fight against Chael Sonnen on short notice. Dennis Siver also disapproves of Jon Jones’ behaviour.

“I don’t go for him in this situation”, Siver said. “He didn’t care about the other fighters or all the fans that invested a lot to see the event. I think a champion should accept such a fight to prove that he is a real champion.”



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