Glover wants the ‘knockout of the night’ at UFC 146


Story and photo by Eduardo Ferreira

Slatted for UFC’s card of May 26th against the American Kyle Kingsbury, in Las Vegas, Glover Teixeira had to go through a lot to have his chance on the biggest MMA event of the world. The Brazilian was prevented to enter America for two years due to visa problems and kept fighting in Brazil meanwhile. On the month of his UFC debut, the athlete talked to TATAME exclusively and you read it all here below:

It’s getting closer to you so awaited UFC debut. How are the expectations?

It’s really good, each day that goes by I’m closer of making my dream come true and I’m really happy it’s actually happening. I already came to the United States and signed with the UFC. Now I only need to get there and, like the Americans use to say, have fun. And that’s it, I’m having a lot of fun.

Since you got your visa you went to the US to see your wife. Did you get the chance to meet Chuck Liddell and train at your former gym?

Yeah. We met over there. He actually read my UFC and manager contracts. I trained with Jean. Chuck is only doing fitness training to keep his body ok. I trained with Jean and he told me there were few guys there and that it was better for me to come to Brazil. I had told him I have a wonderful team here in Brazil, so I’m doing my training camp over here alright.

How does it feel fighting on a card filled with Brazilians? Dos Santos is fighting for his belt, there’s Bigfoot, Edson Barboza…. And it’s in Las Vegas.

Only tough guys. And I’m part of it. It’s a dream of mine and I’m really happy to be a part of it.

How is your training going? Are you on the final sprint?

No. I’m still training hard. I’ll let that final sprint for the last couple of weeks. I’m training my game plan, but he’s a tough guy at Muay Thai and Wrestling, so we’re training it all. Pedro is also fighting Fedor, so everybody’s training. And you know how the guys are, right? You’ve seen them. It’s just knockout, only great bodies to train with.

Will we see the same Glover we’ve seen in action here? Will you be aggressive and go for it?

Absolutely. We can’t promise our fights will be quick like I had until this point, but it’s still me. You’ll see Glover trying to finish the fight fast and making a good show for the fans. Now it’s time to win this thing. Let’s see if I can get the best knockout of the night. It’s hard because there’re many guys fighting: Cigano, Bigfoot… We’ll try, and you can be sure I’ll try it (laughs).



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