Tachi Palace Fights 8 ‘All or Nothing’ Results & Live Play-by-Play

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J. Sherwood

Jouban took out Griffin quickly.

Kyle Griffin vs. Alan Jouban
Round 1
Griffin shoots for a quick double-leg, and Jouban meets him with a knee to the head that knocks the California native flat out. Jouban gets in a quick follow-up right, and “Big” John McCarthy dives in for the save just 15 seconds into the fight.

Tyler Freeland vs. Diego Melendez
Round 1
Freeland leads with kicks and catches a straight right from Melendez. Freeland ducks a punch and lands a nice hip toss, right into side control. The Vegas-trained fighter lands some nice elbows from half guard. Freeland passes and gets to a top crucifix, where he looks for a kimura on Melendez’s far arm. Melendez works back to his feet, and tags Freeland, rocking him back into the cage. The shorter Freeland responds with a powerful shot of his own. They trade at the bell, and Melendez lands a hard counter that sends Freeland reeling. Bell. scores the first round 10-9 Melendez.

Round 2
Melendez throws an early high kick, allowing Freeland to get the takedown where he sets up in half guard. Freeland pounds away, moving to north-south, then eventually to full mount. Freeland is methodical, chipping away with punches on the taller Melendez. As the round winds to an end, Freeland opens up with clean punches to Melendez’s head. scores the second round 10-9 for Freeland.

Round 3

J. Sherwood

Freeland outpointed Melendez.

“Hulk Hands” looks tired as the third frame begins, his mouth hanging open. Melendez lands a clean right and Freeland takes him down again. Freeland postures up in guard and lands a series of strong rights. Melendez escapes once again and Freeland follows a clean right with yet another takedown. “Hulk Hands” postures up in guard looking for strikes while Melendez attempts a triangle that goes nowhere. Freeland ends the match landing blows from top position. scores the final round 10-9 for Tyler Freeland, awarding him the fight 29-28.

Judge Jason McCoy scores the fight 30-27, while Jackie Denkin and Abe Belardo see the bout 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Tyler Freeland.

J. Sherwood

Hart secured a tap on Arellano.

Collin Hart vs. Mike Arellano
Round 1
Arellano starts fast with a spinning back fist. Hart lands a hard kick, and circles away. When Arellano comes forward, Hart changes levels and gets a takedown, where he works from half guard. He passes, and Arellano exposes his back. Hart quickly takes it, and sinks in the fight-ending rear-naked choke. The tap comes just 1:32 into the first round.

J. Sherwood

Miranda put Burton to sleep.

Ryan Burton vs. Andy Miranda
Round 1
Burton comes out working his left jab, and following up with powerful rights. Miranda counters and catches him with a straight right and Burton drops to the mat. The Santa Rosa native follows his foe down to the mat, looking to finish the fight. Burton tries to get back to his feet, but in the scramble, Miranda locks up a triangle choke. Burton tries to defend, but Miranda is patient, and methodically sinks the choke deeper. Burton refuses to tap, and he goes to sleep just 66 seconds into the fight, with “Big” John McCarthy rescuing him as he falls unconscious.

J. Sherwood

Hunt blasted through Martinez.

Doug Hunt vs. Andrew Martinez
Round 1
Hunt lands a strong right and “Mickey D” answers with a flurry of his own. Hunt shoots and Martinez attempts a guillotine, pulling guard to seek the finish. Hunt escapes and Martinez quickly stands. Hunt, however, returns him right back to the mat, scooping him up and dumping him on his backside. Hunt lands a series of rights, and Martinez is bleeding. He doesn’t let up, staying on top of the local favorite, attacking with punches. Martinez spins away and turtles, allowing Hunt to ride his back and punish him. Martinez seems unable to escape, or defend himself. After a dozen more shots, referee John McCarthy shows mercy, making Hunt the winner at 4:27 of the first round.

Fabricio Camoes vs. Steve Lopez
Round 1

J. Sherwood

Camoes flattened Lopez.

The fighters come out conservative, feeling each other out, circling around the cage. Camoes throws a single right head kick that completely flattens Lopez. The Brazilian follows his opponent down and lands several hard right hands until referee Marcos Rosales springs into action for the save. The official time of the quick-ending affair is 23 seconds.

Following the fight, a lightweight bout for Tachi Palace Fights 9 on May 5 is announced between the victorious Camoes and fellow UFC veteran Efrain Escudero.

John Gunderson vs. Dominique Robinson
Round 1
Gunderson shoots and the “Fallen Angel” sprawls. Gunderson presses Robinson against the cage, working hard for the takedown. The UFC vet finally scoops Robinson up and puts him on his butt. Robinson is right back up against the fence. “Fallen Angel” grabs a guillotine, but quickly lets it go and rolls “Guns” onto his back. He postures up in half guard, but doesn’t let his hands go. Gunderson goes for a leglock and Robinson stands and answers with a powerful right on the downed Gunderson, who immediately escapes and stands. “Guns” loses his balance and stumbles backward, prompting Robinson to rush in and land a vicious kick to Gunderson’ ribs. The “Fallen Angel” shoots this time and gets Gunderson down, in side control. Robinson ends the round with a strong knee to the chest. sees the first round for Robinson, 10-9.

Round 2

J. Sherwood

Robinson upset Gunderson.

Gunderson gets an early takedown, but Robinson rolls him over and takes top control. Robinson can’t advance past half guard, but he finds offense with sharp elbows on top. Robinson tries to mount and “Guns” escapes. Gunderson shoots again, but Robinson shucks him over and gets top control again. Gunderson tries to roll out and Robinson locks in an armbar. Gunderson escapes the submission but Robinson is all over him. “Guns” is visibly frustrated. Robinson ends the round back on top landing elbows to the head and a powerful body shot that echoes through the venue. sees the second round for the “Fallen Angel” again, 10-9.

Round 3
Robinson is in control as the third round begins. A weakened and exhausted Gunderson shoots, but Robinson is having none of it. The Oakland native muscles “Guns” to his back, and quickly assumes mount, where he wails away. It’s all Robinson, and he pounds away until “Big” John McCarthy intervenes 41 seconds into the final round. Emphatic and impressive victory for Dominique Robinson.

J. Sherwood

Garcia put Moreno away with a choke.

Edgar Garcia vs. Mike Moreno
Round 1
Moreno shoots quickly, and Garcia looks for a guillotine that goes nowhere. The pair quickly get back to their feet. Moreno shoots again, and is stuffed. He drives the Yuma, Ariz. native into the fence, and lands a hard knee to the body. Garcia spins off the fence, and Moreno shoots again, driving him across the cage and into the opposite side of the fence. The UFC veteran looks for another guillotine, and he sinks his choking arm deep this time. Garcia pulls guard, and Moreno can’t pull his head out. He’s forced to tap, giving Garcia the submission win at 1:47 of the first round.

Jussier da Silva vs. Ian McCall
Round 1
McCall is dancing around early, trying to avoid the Brazilian, but da Silva gets a hold of him, takes him down, and quickly takes his back. “Formiga” locks in the back triangle, and stretches out “Uncle Creepy” as he patiently looks for an opening. Sensational back control by the Brazilian. McCall seems lost, just hanging on and trying to wait the time out as his foe softens him up with short punches. The crowd at the Tachi grows restless, wanting a standup, but da Silva is in complete control. McCall punches back over his shoulder until the horn sounds, but the first round was all “Formiga,” and awards him the first round 10-9.

Round 2
The pair trade punches, and da Silva clinches. They scramble, and separate. McCall lands a shot low on da Silva, prompting a brief break in the action. Upon restarting, McCall lands a hard body kick, but “Formiga” clinches. McCall spins da Silva against the fence, and lands a knee and two elbows. Da Silva pulls guard, and McCall is cracking him. The Brazilian is hurt, and opts to go for a leglock, which McCall escapes. The WEC vet lets his foe stand. As they attack on the feet, they clash heads, which opens up McCall’s nose. The action slows, and neither fighter lands anything before the bell. sees the fight even after two, as McCall takes the second frame 10-9.

Round 3

J. Sherwood

McCall shocked “Formiga.”

McCall switching levels nicely, striking to the head and body. Da Silva seems content to counter. McCall lands a good left-right and follows with a right to the body. “Uncle Creepy” lands a strong left. McCall is looking great now. Da Silva looks confused and frustrated. McCall is dancing in and out, landing good shots, using great head movement He’s picking the Brazilian apart. Da Silva shoots for a single-leg against the fence, but McCall defends and lands several lefts to the head. Da Silva gets a body lock against the cage and finally gets McCall down, but he’s a spent force. McCall ends the round landing elbows from his back, and takes the round 10-9. has the fight 29-28 for McCall, who does push-ups on the mat to show he’s still ready to go.

All three judges — Jason McCoy, Abe Belardo and Jackie Denkin — score the fight 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Ian McCall, who knocks off the consensus top flyweight in the world.

Tachi Palace Fights Flyweight Championship
Ulysses Gomez vs. Darrell Montague
Round 1
Montague opens with a body kick, which causes Gomez to stumble. Gomez shoots, and Montague successfully sprawls. He stands back up, landing strikes as he stands over Gomez. Gomez regains his feet, and Montague dances in and out, landing to the body. Gomez can’t find his range and eats a high kick and a knee to the chin. “Useless” really wants the fight on the ground, but the Chino, Calif. native defends and keeps it standing. Montague switches back and forth between southpaw and orthodox. Gomez eats a punch and is bleeding from his left eye. Montague tries a flying knee and Gomez capitalizes, taking him to the mat. Gomez is finally on top, throwing heavy strikes with bad intentions. Montague tries to escape, but “Useless” takes his back as the round expires. However, likes round one for the challenger, Darrell Montague.

Round 2
Montague is back on the offensive, landing body shots at will. Gomez lands a loud powerful kick to the body, but is flat footed, while his opponent is on his toes and dancing. Gomez’s eye looks in rough shape. Montague gets a takedown, but referee Marcos Rosales stops it to check Gomez’s eye. The fight continues, and Montague is now targeting the bad eye. He lands a kick to Gomez’s gut, then follows with leg kicks. The action slows and Montague lands a left that drops Gomez. He dives on him, and as Gomez scrambles, Montague locks up a guillotine, but “Useless” snakes his arm through his grip and defends. “The Mongoose” pounds away as the bell rings. sees round two for Montague again, 10-9.

Round 3
The flyweights start fast in the third round, swinging wild punches up against the cage. Montague has slowed, but is still in control. “Useless” seems to have no answer for his superior striking. Montague seems content to strike from the outside. Gomez is just surviving as he’s chased around the cage by the more aggressive challenger. Montague starts to taunt his opponent, waving his hands Nick Diaz-style in an attempt to get Gomez to attack. At the 10-second clapper, Montague explodes with fast hand combinations, pressing Gomez into the fence. Montague throws with gusto, right up to and even a second after the third round bell. 10-9 for the challenger, Montague, again.

Round 4
Montague answers a Gomez leg kick with a one-two to the chin. He has “Useless” against the cage unloading lefts, rights and then a knee. Gomez’s left eye is filled with blood and is obviously bothering him. Montague continues to attack the body. Action slows, and the pair circle around one another. Montague continuously appears frustrated that “Useless” won’t engage. Montague lands to the face, and blood flies from Gomez’s battered eye. He follows with a body kick. The champion’s stomach and legs are badly bruised. The challenger continues his sweep, taking the fourth round 10-9. The champion Gomez will need a finish to retain his title.

Round 5

J. Sherwood

Montague took Gomez’s crown.

The fifth and final round begins, and Montague looks fresh while “Useless” is badly battered. They dance, and referee Rosales tells them to engage. Montague stalking, Gomez circling away repeatedly. “Useless” finally gets the clinch against the cage, but the fresher Montague escapes easily. The crowd is restless, and Montague starts showboating, dancing and yelling in front of the exhausted champion. Gomez continues to circle away as Montague continues to crush his legs and body with kicks. Gomez gets in close and pulls guard. However, as he gets to the floor, the 10-second clapper goes, and Montague jumps up and celebrates before the horn sounds. When it does, the champion bows in defeat. has it a sweep for the challenger Darrell Montague, 50-45.

All three judges — Abe Belardo, Jackie Denkin and Jason McCoy — have the fight 50-45, all for the winner by unanimous decision and the new Tachi Palace Fights flyweight champion, Darrell “The Mongoose” Montague.

Tachi Palace Fights Middleweight Championship
Leopoldo Serao vs. David Loiseau
Round 1
The middleweight title affair starts slowly. Loiseau throws an errant head kick. Serao answers with a leg kick and “The Crow” tries a head kick again. Serao shoots, “The Crow” sprawls, and the Brazilian pulls guard. Searo is working the rubber guard. He has “The Crow” tied up with his legs high. Serao pulls his leg up for a gogoplata, but “The Crow” defends and postures up. Serao continues to work him over, controlling him from the back. Even though Loiseau is on top, the fight is out of his control and he’s managed no meaningful offense. The round ends with Loiseau just sitting in Serao’s guard. scores the opening round for the champ, 10-9 Serao.

Round 2
“The Crow” is still looking for that head kick as the second round begins, but the Brazilian is blocking easily. Loiseau finally lands a one-two combo. The Canadian looks for a flying knee, but Serao ducks under, and takes him to the mat, straight into side control. Loiseau quickly spins out, and takes Serao’s back, showing nifty grappling of his own. Serao is able to reclaim his guard, and immediately looks for rubber guard. Loiseau is again ensnared, and he’s stuck throwing idle punches to Serao’s body until the horn. Loiseau pulls even on the scorecard, winning the second frame 10-9.

J. Sherwood

“The Crow” busted Serao up.

Round 3
Loiseau has a mouse under his right eye. “The Crow” keeps leading with a head kick, again and again. Serao shoots, “The Crow” sprawls and once again, Serao pulls guard. Loiseau tries to posture up, but the Brazilian ties up his hands. Serao’s defense from his back is impressive. He’s back to the rubbber guard, tying up Loiseau until “Big” John McCarthy stands them up. Loiseau, however, takes it right back down to the ground. The Canadian finally lands some strikes from guard, punching the head and body and driving elbow smashes into Serao’s face. Serao again gets rubber guard, and ties up Loiseau until the horn. 10-9 Loiseau.

Round 4
The Tachi Palace crowd is restless as the championship rounds start, with Loiseau and Serao opting not to engage. After more plodding, it’s the familiar pattern: Serao shoots, Loiseau sprawls, and Serao pulls guard. There is no offense, and McCarthy stands the pair up again. Fans are starting to file out of the Tachi Palace now. “The Crow” takes the Brazilian’s back, landing a good knee to the ribs in the process. The champ rolls into guard, and seeks rubber guard as the horn sounds. 10-9 Loiseau in the dry affair.

Round 5
Serao is cut badly at his hairline as the round begins. Loiseau lands a hard right, and Serao stumbles back. “The Crow” pounces, landing a barrage of punches and elbows to the head. The champion is now bleeding badly, his face and chest covered in blood from the hairline cut. McCarthy calls for a cut check, and the ringside doctor stops the fight immediately, which finally draws a cheer from the dwindling crowd. David Loiseau is the new Tachi Palace Fights middleweight champion at 1:12 of the fifth round.



TPF 8 – All or Nothing

February 18, 2011
Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino
Lemoore, California, United States
Match Winner Loser Method Round Time
1 Alan Jouban Kyle Griffin KO (Knee) 1 0:15
2 Tyler Freeland Diego Melendez Decision (Unanimous) 3 3:00
3 Collin Hart Mike Arellano Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 1 1:32
4 Andy Miranda Ryan Burton Technical Submission (Triangle Choke) 1 1:06
5 Doug Hunt Andrew Martinez TKO (Punches) 1 4:27
6 Fabricio Camoes Steve Lopez TKO (Head Kick and Punches) 1 0:23
7 Dominique Robinson John Gunderson TKO (Punches and Elbows) 3 0:41
8 Edgar Garcia Mike Moreno Submission (Guillotine Choke) 1 1:47
9 Ian McCall Jussier da Silva Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
10 Darrell Montague Ulysses Gomez Decision (Unanimous) 5 5:00
11 David Loiseau Leopoldo Serao TKO (Doctor Stoppage) 5 1:12



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