Watch an interview with Steven Segal after the fight of his disciple Anderson Silva

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spends a few moments backstage at UFC 126 with actor/Lawman/Aikido enthusiast Steven Seagal and gets his thoughts on his dear friend Anderson Silva’s victory over Vitor Belfort. Seagal talks about how proud he is, how long he’s been training Silva, the comparisons between the middleweight champ and Bruce Lee and whether or not Silva is the greatest MMA fighter ever.

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Black belt in Judo, Karate, Hapkido and Kendo, the U.S. actor Steven Seagal has helped Anderson Silva in their training and ensures that the “lessons” have been effective. After knocking out the challenger Vitor Belfort at UFC 126, with a front kick on the chin, the middleweight champion told ESPN that the U.S. had trained extensively with the coup Seagal.

Actor-wrestler was proud to see his protege, the perfect way to accomplish that had taught him, as he told reporter Karyn Bryant, a partner of the tatami in the United States. “I told him to stay away from Anderson (Victor) in the first two or three minutes. The intention was to leave him frustrated, and then dribble a low shot and come with a high kick to the head or face. He did exactly what I said and exactly what I wanted to happen, I’m very proud of him, “said Steven. Although pleased with the victory of Anderson, Seagal does not consider the Brazilian the best of all time. “That could change in five seconds in MMA, “


Seagal orgulhoso do “pupilo” Anderson

Faixa-preta em Judô, Caratê, Kendo e Hapkido, o ator norte-americano Steven Seagal vem auxiliando Anderson Silva em seus treinamentos e garante que as “aulas” têm surtido efeito. Após nocautear o desafiante Vitor Belfort no UFC 126, com um chute frontal no queixo, o campeão dos médios declarou à ESPN norte-americana que havia treinado exaustivamente o golpe com Seagal (comprove no vídeo do treino da fera). 

O ator-lutador ficou orgulhoso em ver seu “pupilo” realizar de maneira perfeita o que havia lhe ensinado, conforme afirmou à repórter Karyn Bryant, parceira da TATAME nos Estados Unidos. “Eu disse para o Anderson ficar longe dele (Vitor) nos primeiros dois ou três minutos. A intenção era deixá-lo frustrado, para depois fintar um chute baixo e vir com um chute alto na cabeça ou na cara. Ele fez exatamente o que eu disse e exatamente o que eu queria que acontecesse, estou muito orgulhoso dele”, disse Steven. Apesar de satisfeito com a vitória de Anderson, Seagal não considera o brasileiro o melhor de todos os tempos. “Isso pode mudar em cinco segundos no MMA”, comentou, no vídeo abaixo.


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