UFC 126 Results & Live Play-by-Play

Mike Pierce vs. Kenny Robertson
Round 1
Referee Herb Dean starts the night off in the welterweight division. The fighters exchange jabs to start the contest. Pierce is able to initiate the clinch with Robertson. The Washington native is able to use the position to drag his opponent to the mat. Robertson is game and fights off the takedown as much as he can. He works back to a standing position. Pierce keeps Robertson’s back in the fence but is landing little in the way of damage. Referee Dean agrees and separates the fighters. Robertson fires a right hand but is clinched up against the fence almost immediately. Pierce fires a right hand to the stomach of Robertson. The round ends with a Pierce takedown. 10-9 Pierce. 

Round 2
The second frame starts with the fighters opening up in a flurry. A right lands for Pierce but its the left that sends Kenny Robertson to the floor. Pierce capitalizes on the floor and gets the stoppage at 29 seconds into the second round via TKO.

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Ricardo Romero
Round 1
Light heavyweights continue the action from The Mandalay Bay Events Center. Overseeing the tilt is referee Steve Mazzagatti. The two men touch gloves and the action starts early. Romero gets tied up into the clinch and eats a solid Kingsbury knee. The knees don’t stop there as “Kingsbu” lands a few more to the body before landing a left hook that drops Romero. Mazagatti has seen enough and stops the contest just 21 seconds in the first.

Paul Taylor vs. Gabe Ruediger
Round 1
Lightweights are in the Octagon, along with referee Kim Winslow. After a quick touch of the gloves Taylor fires a right hand that lands to the head of “Godzilla.” This initiates a clinch from Ruediger, but it doesn’t last long. Taylor launches a left followed by a right which his complemented by a right low kick. The two men clinch again with Ruediger’s back to the fence. Ruediger tries to make space and get a takedown, but Taylor shrugs him off. In space, Ruediger shoots but comes up empty. Taylor clinches again and puts his opponent’s back into the fence. With little action taking place, Winslow separates the two lightweights. Ruediger rushes in for a takedown but fails again. The round ends with a Taylor left hand. 10-9 Taylor.

Round 2
The middle period opens with Taylor launching punches at Ruediger. The former WEC champion falls to his back to lure the Brit to the mat, but Taylor is wise and backs away. On the feet they clinch again and Ruediger is able to force Taylor’s back into the fence. Taylor is able to move off the cage and launches a fight ending flurry. First it’s a left hand that hurts Ruediger. A right causes more damage, but its a left head kick that causes Ruediger to fall to the mat and turtle. Kim Winslow savesthe fallen Ruediger at 1:42, giving Taylor the TKO win.

Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto vs. Demetrious Johnson
Round 1
Mario Yamasaki is the referee for this bantamweight bout. Both men bounce tentatively with Yamamoto on the outside. Johnson flicks out a few low kicks and Kid catches him with a short left on the second. Another leg kick yields a right hand counter from Yamamoto, tripping Johnson up and sending him backing up into the cage. Johsnon appears to catch a low kick, but he’s good to continue and the fighters touch gloves. Yamamoto winds up and misses on a huge uppercut, gets taken down by Johnson, but pops right back up. Johnson comes in and Kid hits him with a right hand, and then repeats a moment later with a left. Johnson gets a takedown in the center of the cage with 90 seconds to go. Kid bucks and rolls, escaping, but gets clipped by a Johnson combo on the way up. Yamamoto lands one back on Johnson and pins him against the fence. They disengage and Johnson plows Yamamoto down with a powerful takedown. The round ends with Johnson landing short punches from half-guard.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Johnson
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Johnson
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Johnson

Round 2
Yamamoto tries a takedown after some more feeling out, but Johnson sprawls and they stay up. Johnson comes inside with a kick that catches Kid square on the cup and immediately backs off. After a moment, they resume and Johnson scores another takedown. Kid barely touches the ground and scrambles to keep it standing up. He sprawls on the next shot, but eats a few punches from Johnson soon after. Now it’s Johnson circling the outside in the orthodox stance. He goes to the middle and whirls Kid down with a single leg. Yamamoto once again gets the underhook and quickly works back to his feet. Johnson misses with a three-piece, Kid misses with a counter right, and Johnson floors his opponent. Yamamoto gets up and Johnson does it again. Kid scrambles loose and tags Johnson with a knee, then backs off, thinking it may have been illegal. Johnson says he’s good and that’s where the round ends.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Johnson
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Johnson
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Johnson

Round 3
Yamamoto slowing down now, still trying to counter the bouncy Johnson. After a minute of circling, Johnson drags Yamamoto down again. Not much happens before Kid gets back up, but Johnson is taking him down at will now. He does again, but can’t get any position on Yamamoto, who gets to his knees, then to his feet. Two minutes left. Johnson clips Kid with a left hook, then another, a kick to the body, and finishes with a takedown at the base of the fence. This time, Kid is slower to get up. He only gets off a few knee and punch attempts before Johnson takes him down again. It ends with Johnson grinding from half-guard and it should be a clean sweep for “Mighty Mouse.”

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Johnson (30-27 Johnson)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Johnson (30-27 Johnson)
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Johnson (30-27 Johnson)

Official scores: The judges have it 29-28 and 30-27, twice, all in favor of Demetrious Johnson, the winner by unanimous decision.

Chad Mendes vs. Michihiro Omigawa
Round 1
Referee Herb Dean is in charge of this featherweight affair. Omigawa puts his dukes up and begins changing levels, and Mendes smacks him with an outside leg kick. Mendes ducks inside and misses on a combo; Omigawa zaps him with a short counter left. Another cracking leg kick from Mendes precedes a takedown attempt, but Omigawa gets the underhook and sprawls well. Mendes lands a crisp right hand, another leg kick, and tries another takedown attempt. Omigawa stays up again and now starts moving forward on Mendes, who’s flicking out his jab. With 90 seconds left, Mendes brings Omigawa down with a double-leg. Omigawa grabs a straight armbar from guard and Mendes looks concerned momentarily, but soon extracts the limb. He backs out and allows Omigawa to his feet. Mendes with another inside leg kick and grazes Omigawa with a left as the round ends.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Mendes
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Mendes
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Mendes

Round 2
The fighters touch gloves again. Omigawa times an inside leg kick from Mendes and hits him over the top with a right hand. A combo from Mendes floors Omigawa and Mendes gives chase into the judoka’s guard. Omigawa recovers and ties up, but Mendes postures up and gets a few punches through before Omigawa scrambles to his feet. Mendes bounces a few overhand rights off Omigawa, who’s coming slow on his counters and has dropped his hands a bit. Mendes drills a right to the gut of Omigawa and then one to the grill. Omigawa’s face is bloodied now, but does well to resist the next takedown attempt from Mendes and winds up pinned to the fence. Short elbow lands inside for Omigawa; Mendes gives him one back. Omigawa tries to reap the leg of Mendes, can’t get it and they disengage. Nice right hand from Mendes. He lands a few more leg kicks that have Omigawa jumping out of the way. Mendes shoots a single and gets sprawled on, and Omigawa drives some punches and elbows to his ribs. Mendes leaps in with a knee and has a left high kick blocked. Omigawa lands a solid left with 20 seconds left, but immediately gets plowed down by Mendes.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Mendes
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Mendes
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Mendes

Round 3
Omigawa comes out sporting a massive gash on his left eyebrow from a Mendes elbow in round two. Nonetheless, he comes forward, landing a kick to the body and a few left hands before sprawling on another Mendes single-leg. Omigawa grabs a guillotine and Mendes rolls forward, extracting his head and moving into the Yoshida Dojo fighter’s half-guard. Omigawa establishes his guard. He’s doing well to tie Mendes up, but Mendes is just pinning him down and muscling him around the mat. Mendes backs out and dives back in with a right hand. Omigawa shrimps and gets to his feet with just under two minutes left. Omigawa starting to string together punches now, lands a few and eats an overhand right counter. He looks to stuff another shot from Mendes, but Mendes keeps after it and gets it with the second effort. Omigawa looks for an omoplata opportunity in the waning seconds. Mendes senses this and backs out, then dives forward and connects with a few more punches before the final horn.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Mendes (30-27 Mendes)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Mendes (30-27 Mendes)
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Mendes (30-27 Mendes)

Official scores: All three judges cageside see the bout for Chad Mendes, with scores of 30-27 across the board.

Donald Cerrone vs. Paul Kelly
Round 1
Referee Steve Mazzagatti is in charge of this lightweight matchup. Kelly throws a one-two instead of touching gloves and Cerrone plows him down with a double-leg. Cerrone gets his head clear of a loose guillotine attempt and moves to side control on Kelly. They work back to the feet and Kelly drills a knee in the clinch. He leaps forward and pops Cerrone with a nice left hand, opening up a cut beneath Cerrone’s right eye. Cerrone puts a straight left on Kelly’s forehead, which Kelly slaps, telling the “Cowboy” to do it again. Cerrone ducks under a looping right from Kelly and slaps a nice kick to the Brit’s body. Solid overhand right connects for Kelly this time. Cerrone times a short Superman punch from Kelly and brings him down, then moves into half-guard. Kelly has both of Cerrone’s arms tied up, not allowing much. Cerrone gets loose in the last 20 seconds and busts Kelly up with short elbows, opening up a cut on the Englishman’s right eyebrow.

Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Kelly
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Cerrone
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Cerrone

Round 2
The fighters touch gloves to start the second. Kelly flurrying with punching combos and leaping knees as Cerrone goes to work with low kicks. Cerrone connects with a left kick to the body-right hook combo. Left jabs getting through for Cerrone now. He drives forward and puts Kelly on his back, but gets caught in a guillotine. It’s not tight, and the Cowboy pops loose and gets to half-guard, then mount. Kelly eats a few punches before giving up his back, where Cerrone locks up a tight body triangle with 1:50 still on the clock. Kelly, whose cut has opened back up, defends well at first, but a few punches from the back soften him up. Cerrone whips his left arm around Kelly’s throat and rolls him over, squeezing tight. Kelly taps the mat at the 3:48 mark of the second round.

Miguel Torres vs. Antonio Banuelos
Round 1
Mario Yamasaki is the third man in the cage for this bantamweight scrap. The WEC vets touch gloves and the much longer Torres sticks his left arm out, feeling for range and keeping Banuelos on the outside. Following a very tentative start from both men, Torres starts to land, connecting with a kick to the body and a few nice jabs. Banuelos catches a low kick and drives Torres down, but lets the former champ back up right away. Torres sneaks a stiff right through the low guard of Banuelos and sticks him with a few more left jabs. The crowd boos as the slow opening round ends.

Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Torres
Tony Loiseleur scores the round 10-9 Torres
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Torres

Round 2
Torres slaps a left high kick off the forearm of Banuelos, who then barely misses with an overhand right. Banuelos catches a glancing low kick to the cup, but runs it off and gets right back to work. Torres is continuing to pump the left jab, keeping Banuelos out of his zone. The crowd is growing audibly restless with two minutes left in the middle stanza. Banuelos is getting tagged with the jab every time he moves into Torres’ range and not landing anything of his own. He finally lands a solid left hand in the last 10 seconds, but the round was once again all Torres.

Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Torres
Tony Loiseleur scores the round 10-9 Torres
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Torres

Round 3
Torres begins scoring with more jabs to open the final period. Banuelos is still unable to get inside effectively, and the crowd jeers after 90 seconds. Nice one-two from Torres is followed by a kick to the body. More jabs snapping back the head of Banuelos, who is now covering up when Torres feints the punch. Torres landing jabs at will in the final minute and dodging everything Banuelos throws his way. Banuelos goes wild with punches, knees and a spinning kick in the final 20 seconds, to no avail.

Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Torres (30-27 Torres)
Tony Loiseleur scores the round 10-9 Torres (30-27 Torres)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Torres (30-27 Torres)

Official scores: It’s a clean sweep for Miguel Torres, who earns scores of 30-27 on all three official scorecards.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha
Round 1
Referee Kim Winslow gets the assignment for this welterweight bout. Ellenberger eats a left hand and floors Rocha with a double-leg. Rocha pops back up and clinches with Ellenberger along the fence. The Brazilian tries to reap the leg of Ellenberger, but gets taken down instead. Rocha gets to his feet and sprawls on a takedown attempt, winding up in side control on Ellenberger’s right. Rocha steps over into mount, then moves to the left. Rocha is pinning his man down and moving from side to side, then jumps on Ellenberger’s back as the American tries to twist loose. Ellenberger puts his back on the mat and Rocha is back in side control. Rocha steps over and grabs the left leg of Ellenberger under the knee from top mount. He can’t find the leg lock and moves back to side control. Winslow warns Rocha of headbutting. Ellenberger explodes out and grabs a guillotine, but it’s short-lived. Ellenburger stuffs a takedown attempt and drills a knee to the body of Rocha, who slips on a spinning kick. Rocha gets taken down, but sweeps with a kimura. He wrenches the hold from side control, but can’t finish before the round expires.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Rocha
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Rocha
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Rocha

Round 2
Ellenberger scores with some knees in the clinch and stuffs a takedown attempt. Rocha turtles and eats some solid punches from Ellenberger before scrambling to his feet and whiffing on a big spinning back kick. Rocha looks to be breathing hard as he airmails a few slow low kicks. Ellenberger jumps forward and drills a knee to the gut of Rocha. As the pace has slowed, Ellenberger has started landing more punches, especially his left. Rocha catches a kick to the body and returns fire with one of his own. Ellenberger drives Rocha down with 20 seconds left. Rocha looks for a submission as the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Ellenberger
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Ellenberger
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Ellenberger

Round 3
Rocha putting low kicks on the inside of Ellenberger’s left leg early in the final round. Ellenberger clips Rocha with a three-punch combo and uses underhooks to stuff the subsequent takedown attempt. Rocha falls to guard and Ellenberger wants none of it. Ellenberger times a low kick perfectly and slugs Rocha with an overhand right. The Brazilian sidesteps a double-leg attempt from Ellenberger. Hard left jab from Rocha gets through with 90 seconds left. A right high kick glances off Ellenberger, who shoves Rocha to the floor. He lets Rocha back up and zaps him with a one-two. Ellenberger waits for a low kick and explodes into a takedown, going into Rocha’s guard and landing short elbows. Ellenberger backs out and dives back in with one more shot at the horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Ellenberger (29-28 Ellenberger)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Ellenberger (29-28 Ellenberger)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Ellenberger (29-28 Ellenberger)

Official scores: One judge scores it 30-27 Rocha, while the other two have it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Jake Ellenberger.

Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones
Round 1
Herb Dean is the referee for this important clash of 205-pound prospects. Jones crouches in his corner before the start and then slinks across the cage to meet Bader. Jones looking very relaxed, moving around the outside before shooting in and pulling Bader down with a double. Bader grabs a guillotine, but Jones rolls through and winds up in side control, then north-south position. Jones snares Bader’s head under his left arm and squeezes. Bader looks to be in trouble, but he’s surviving even as Jones puts all his weight on the north-south choke. Jones abandons the choke and Bader twists loose, escaping to his knees, then his feet. Two minutes to go. Jones fires off a left high kick that causes Bader to shoot. Jones stuffs the double and puts Bader on his back. Jones looking for a choke from half-guard, but Bader has an underhook and gets back up. Bader has a kimura framed up momentarily, but loses it as he falls back to guard. Jones with a few glancing elbows that cause Bader to cover up.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Jones
Jack Encarnacao scores the round 10-9 Jones
Tomasz Marciniak scores the round 10-9 Jones

Round 2
Jones goes high with a partially-deflected left kick, then low with a right. Bader connects with a solid punch and a leg kick, but Jones continues pressing forward. One-two and a leg kick from Jones. Another outside leg kick makes Bader shoot; Jones stuffs it. They tie up and Jones trips Bader down, landing in half-guard. From there, Jones traps the head of Bader under his left arm, wrenches a tight guillotine choke and elicits the tap from Bader. The official time is 4:20 of the second round.

During the postfight interview, Joe Rogan reveals that Rashad Evans has withdrawn from his UFC 128 light heavyweight title bout with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua due to a knee injury. Rua will instead defend his belt against Jones on March 19 in Newark, N.J.

Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin
Round 1
Steve Mazzagatti is back in the cage for the evening’s co-main event. Franklin throws a low kick and gets his rear leg chopped out from under him. Griffin gives chase into Franklin’s guard, but Franklin is keeping active from the bottom with short punches. Griffin isn’t landing much offense, but is looking every bit the stronger man as he stacks Franklin up from guard. Now the punches begin to come from Griffin, both to the head and body of Franklin, who is maintaining guard and trying to neutralize the space with wrist control. Griffin postures up and gets a few shots through to Franklin’s head. With 90 seconds to go in the opening round, Franklin is playing strictly defense, unable to find an answer to the larger Griffin’s top game. Still in guard, Griffin lands some elbows before the round ends.

Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Griffin
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Griffin
Tony Loiseleur scores the round 10-9 Griffin

Round 2
Griffin going with kicks to open the round, as Franklin tries to get inside with combinations. Griffin catches a low kick from Franklin and takes his back standing, then drags him to the floor. Against the base of the fence, Griffin tries to sink his hooks in. Franklin gets to his knees, but Griffin is still glued on his back. Punches from Griffin as Franklin gets to his feet; Griffin yanks him back down. Franklin works back to his feet and Griffin shoves him away. Some nice left straights connect for Franklin, but his knees fold up when Griffin clips him with a left hook of his own. Griffin doesn’t pounce, instead backing off and firing a hard body kick to Franklin’s ribs. Franklin is landing sporadically when he wades in with combos, but Griffin’s still getting the better, more varied attack.

Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Griffin
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Griffin
Tony Loiseleur scores the round 10-9 Griffin

Round 3
The fighters touch gloves to start the final frame. Franklin thuds a good left kick to Griffin’s gut. Franklin comes inside with a left hand that misses and the pair ties up. Griffin brings it to the floor, but both men are soon back on their feet. Three minutes to go and Franklin seems to be turning the tide slightly. His left kicks are connecting as Griffin’s punching combos decrease in accuracy. Franklin comes over the top with a left hand as Griffin lands a push kick. It’s still a close fight with 90 seconds to go when Griffin changes levels and scores with a double-leg. Franklin twists free and gets on top, but Griffin scrambles and reverses him back. They wind up on their feet with 35 ticks on the clock. Franklin pushes Griffin into the fence and Griffin reverses, then disengages. Both men throwing hard in the final seconds.

Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Franklin (29-28 Griffin)
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Franklin (29-28 Griffin)
Tony Loiseleur scores the round 10-9 Griffin (30-27 Griffin)

Official scores: All three judges cageside score it 29-28 for the winner by unanimous decision, Forrest Griffin.

UFC Middleweight Championship
Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort
Round 1
Mario Yamasaki is set to officiate this title bout. Silva bows to Belfort after final instructions, but the men do not touch gloves as the match begins. Belfort assumes the center as Silva circles the outside, clockwise. Nothing thrown in the first 60 seconds and the crowd boos. Both men starting to feint and flinch when Belfort finally flicks out a leg kick. Now two minutes down and there’s been no offense of substance. Belfort jumps forward and lands a left on Silva’s chin. Silva answers with a high kick and gets taken down, but he’s quickly back up. Another left from Vitor, but Silva is bobbing and weaving, playing the matador. Silva lands a left front kick square to the jaw of Belfort, whose knees give way immediately. Silva pounces and lands two punches on the mat before Yamasaki jumps in. It’s another spectacular knockout for Silva at 3:29 of the opening round.

UFC 126 Prelims: Cerrone Chokes Kelly; Mendes Outpoints Omigawa
UFC 126 Prelims: Cerrone Chokes Kelly; Mendes Outpoints Omigawa

Donald Cerrone earned a hard fought, come-from-behind victory in his promotional debut, as he submitted Paul Kelly in the second round of their preliminary lightweight scrap at UFC 126 “Silva vs. Belfort” on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

As Cerrone (Pictured, File photo) tried to touch gloves to start the bout, Kelly landed an overhand right before “Cowboy” took the fight to the floor. Though Cerrone briefly secured the mount, the Brit escaped and proceeded to light up the Greg Jackson protégé on the feet. In the waning minutes, however, Cerrone took the fight to the floor once again, this time slicing Kelly over the right eye with an elbow. 

Cerrone stormed back in the second stanza, using his length to score with leg kicks before putting Kelly on his back and passing to mount for the second time. There would be no escape for the Brit this time, as the former WEC title challenger took his back and cinched a fight-ending rear-naked choke at 3:48 of round two.

“I’m glad to be here. I’m glad to show the WEC guys deserve to be here,” said Cerrone. “That’s Greg Jackson jiu-jitsu. My training partners are the best in the world.”

Mendes Outpoints Omigawa, Stays Unbeaten

Chad Mendes outpointed the world-ranked Michihiro Omigawa in a featherweight tilt, earning a unanimous decision and spoiling the Japanese standout’s return to the UFC. All three judges scored it 30-27.

Mendes looked sharp early, targeting Omigawa’s lead leg with kicks while coming over the top with a heavy right hand. Though Omigawa’s takedown defense was impressive through the first half of the round, the Team Alpha Male ace finally put the judoka on his back with 90 seconds to go in the round. Omigawa dictated the pace from the guard, however, threatening to submit Mendes with a straight arm lock.

Mendes crumpled his foe with a beautiful right hand just seconds into round two, but he could not finish the durable Yoshida Dojo representative. After surviving the onslaught, Omigawa recovered to make the remainder of the round competitive, though he suffered a nasty laceration over his left eye late in the round.

The third frame also belonged to Mendes, who escaped a guillotine attempt in the opening seconds of the round to once again gain top position. Though Omigawa was busy from the guard, “Money” continued to rain down ground-and-pound. After Omigawa escaped to his feet, the Japanese fighter pressed the action, only to be taken down and bloodied up as the bout came to a close.

Speedy Johnson Derails ‘Kid’

Demetrious Johnson derailed the debut of Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto, using superior speed to take home a clear-cut unanimous decision win. Scores were 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27, all for Johnson.

Though both men looked sharp standing, it was Johnson who won the wrestling battle in round one. Using excellent technique and blinding quickness, “Mighty Mouse” scored three separate takedowns in the opening frame. The second round was strikingly similar, as Johnson continually frustrated “Kid” with his speed and put him on his back several more times. Round three also belonged to Johnson, as the lightning-fast American wobbled Yamamoto with a left and again took the fight to the floor as time expired.

“Me and him both have good footwork. That’s why I [kept my distance]. If I overextend, I’m going to get knocked out, just like everyone else, by that right hook,” said Johnson. “He was a very tough opponent. He hits really hard, and he’s a really tough guy.”

File Photo

Taylor (above) stopped Ruediger.

Taylor Kick Finishes ‘Godzilla’

Paul Taylor earned his second consecutive Octagon victory in his sophomore lightweight effort, besting “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 5 alum Gabe Ruedigerby technical knockout 1:42 into round two.

In the first frame, Taylor got the better of the exchanges, using his wrestling in reverse to keep the fight standing. Though Ruediger attempted multiple takedowns, the Brit’s defense held strong and Taylor continually landed shots to the head of the former WEC champion. Round two brought more of the same, with Taylor finding his range in the stand-up and making his foe pay. With his back against the fence, Taylor put together a fight-ending combination, hurting the American with a one-two before sealing the deal with a head kick.

Kingsbury Steamrolls Romero in 21 Seconds

A light heavyweight affair between Kyle Kingsbury and Ricardo Romero was almost over before it started, as Kingsbury earned the technical knockout just 21 seconds into the fight.

After pressing the former Ring of Combat champion against the fence, Kingsbury landed knees from the clinch to soften up his foe. As Romero attempted to escape the position, “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 8 veteran dropped him with a left hand and went for the kill, as referee Steve Mazzagatti saved a turtled Romero from further punishment.

Kingsbury, who trains out of the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, Calif., has rattled off three consecutive victories.

Surging Pierce Stops Robertson

In the opener, powerful wrestler Mike Pierce stopped the previously unbeaten Kenny Robertson with punches 29 seconds into the second round.

The pace was deliberate in round one, as Pierce controlled the action with his wrestling. After pushing Robertson against the cage, the WEC veteran locked up a front headlock to neutralize any offense Robertson tried to muster. Though Robertson eventually escaped the position, Pierce scored a takedown as the round came to a close.

Round two was all Pierce, as the Oregon native landed a solid left hook to Robertson’s jaw, buckling his knees and signaling the beginning of the end for the Bellator Fighting Championships alum. As Robertson fell to the floor, Pierce pounced on his foe, forcing referee Herb Dean to step in.


UFC 126 – Silva vs. Belfort

February 5, 2011
Mandalay Bay Events Center,
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Match Winner Loser Method Round Time
1 Mike Pierce Kenny Robertson TKO (Punches) 2 0:29
2 Kyle Kingsbury Ricardo Romero TKO (Knee to the Body and Punches) 1 0:21
3 Paul Taylor Gabe Ruediger KO (Head Kick) 2 1:42
4 Demetrious Johnson Norifumi Yamamoto Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
5 Chad Mendes Michihiro Omigawa Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
6 Donald Cerrone Paul Kelly Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 2 3:48
7 Miguel Torres Antonio Banuelos Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
8 Jake Ellenberger Carlos Eduardo Rocha Decision (Split) 3 5:00
9 Jon Jones Ryan Bader Submission (Guillotine Choke) 2 4:20
10 Forrest Griffin Rich Franklin Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
11 Anderson Silva Vitor Belfort KO (Front Kick and Punches) 1 3:25


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