Strikeforce Results & Live Play-by-Play will report from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn., at approximately 8:55 p.m. ET with play-by-play and live results of Strikeforce “Challengers 13,” which is headlined by Tyron Woodleyvs. Tarec Saffiedine.

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Gerric Hayes vs. Stoney Hale
In the evening’s opening bout, Stoney Hale defeated Gerric Hayes by split decision (28-29, 29-28 and 29-28).

Luke Sanders vs. Josh Jarvis
Round 1
Sanders takes Jarvis to the mat right off the bat and trasitions to mount and pelts him with punches. Jarvis is outmatched by his much stronger opponent. Sanders continues his assault on Jarvis and referee Al Wichgers has seen enough; he halts the bout at 3:15 of the first round, giving Sanders a victory in his pro debut.

Jeremy Boczulak vs. Jason Blackford
Round 1
Boczulak presses right off the bat and wrestles Blackford to the canvas. He has problems improving his position and Blackford escapes to his feet and cracks him with a pair of punches that send him diving back in for a takedown. Blackford retreats and Boczulak returns to his feet but is pulled back to the ground by Blackford, who has latched onto a guillotine. Boczulak pulls his head out and advances to mount. He punches away at Blackford along the cage, but Blackford escapes and drills Boczulak with body shots up to the horn. scores the round 10-9 for Boczulak.

Round 2
Buczulak, hesitant to strike, takes the fight right back to the mat but ends up in a leg-lock battle with Blackford. It is not a favorable position for the stout grappler and he succumbs to a heel hook at 1:54 of the second round.

Chris Barnhizer vs. Karl Willis
Round 1
Barnhizer has trouble finding a takedown early in the bout. He misses on his first two and consistently finds himself on the end of Willis jabs. Barnhizer finally gets the fight to the mat with a slam into side control. He moves to mount and punches Willis in the head, softening him up for an armbar attempt. He secures his left arm and sits back, extending it and eliciting the tapout at 2:35 of the first.

Charles McTorry vs. Krishaun Gilmore
Round 1
McTorry lands a nice low kick and whiffs on a head kick to open the bout. He then shoots in on Gilmore but is stuffed. He keeps working forward and lifts Gilmore high into the air and plants him hard to the floor. McTorry can’t get much done on the ground and Gilmore escapes back to his feet. McTorry looks to be out of steam midway through the first and Gilmore presses forward, trying to take advantage of the situation. McTorry is searching for one big shot and he nearly gets it with a head kick that was deflected by Gilmore. McTorry lands a hard right cross and then takes Gilmore back to the mat with a takedown off of a bodylock. McTorry takes advantage of his dominant position and rests in Gilmore’s guard. With about 20 seconds remaining in the frame he explodes into a flurry of punches to Gilmore’s head before settling back into guard for the finals seconds or the round. scores the round 10-9 for McTorry.

Round 2
Gilmore opens the scoring in the second with a hard kick to the body. He tries for the same spot again but his measurements are a bit off and he drills McTorry south of the belt line, directly in the cup. McTorry is down and in immense pain. Referee Greg Franklin halts the action and gives him five minutes to recover. McTorry is up and ready to go after few minutes and the fight is restarted. Gilmore goes right back to the body with kicks, but McTorry is having none of it and takes him back to the ground. He moves from side to mount and then takes Gilmore’s back when he turns away from the strikes. McTorry locks in his hooks and sinks the choke. Gilmore tapes immediately, giving McTorry the victory at 3:46 of the second round.

Dustin West vs. Daniel Schmitt
Round 1
West counters a head kick with a beautiful straight left that drops Schmitt. He follows up with a pair of rights before referee Al Wichgers can get in to save him. The end comes just nine seconds into round one.

Dustin Ortiz vs. Matt Horning
Round 1
Ortiz pumps the jab out repeatedly as the fighters move forward towards each other. He darts in and out looking for a home for his jab and some low kicks. Horning is elusive and keeps retreating from harm’s way. Ortiz continues to pressure him and eventually locks up, turns the corner and takes him to the mat. Horning wiggles free for a moment but Ortiz puts him back down. Ortiz pounds away to the exposed body of Horning and then takes his back for a brief second before Horning turns back into him and forces him up to his feet. Ortiz drills an advancing Horning with a left hook at the 10-second clapper. Horning fires a wild right hand and is countered with a hard low kick. scores the round 10-9 for Ortiz.

Round 2
Ortiz pistons the jab to the face of Horning once again to kick off the second. He then goes downstairs with hard kicks to the legs of his much more experienced opponent. Horning ties to answer with a head kick but draws air. Ortiz shoots in and gets caught in a loose guillotine. He fights it off and moves to mount, where he lands a few punches before allowing Horning to return to his feet rather easily. Ortiz lands a glancing knee as they separate. Ortiz, finding his range in the standup, begins to land at will. Horning is left to wild, flailing right hands that leave him open to counters. The fighters tie up and the crafty veteran nearly takes Ortiz’s back as they hit the mat. Ortiz reverses and gets Horning’s back and sinks a rear-naked choke with just 10 seconds to go but he doesn’t have enough time to finish. scores the 10-9 for Ortiz.

Round 3
Ortiz bullies his way inside with a hard right hand and changes levels for a takedown. Horning defends and grabs a rear bodylock. Ortiz shucks him over his shoulder and takes top position. He moves to mount and punches Horning, who turns away and gives up his back. Ortiz wants the choke but Horning turns back in. Ortiz continues his assault and Horning gives his back once again. Oritz pounds away until referee Greg Franklin decides he has had enough and stops the mugging at 2:10 of the third round.

John Salter vs. Casey Huffman
Round 1
Salter misses on a half-hearted shot but quickly takes Huffman to the mat after clinching with him along the cage. Salter peppers Huffman with chopping rights from side control. Huffman is completely defensive; his efforts to keep Salter from improving position are futile. The UFC vet takes his back and pounds away after flattening him out and referee Jeff Mackens mercifully stops the bout at 2:59 of the first round.

Thomas Campbell vs. Jeremy Wallace
Round 1
Campbell overwhelms Wallace after scoring a takedown in the bout’s opening seconds. He batters him with punches and forces him to give up his back. Campbell sinks a rear-naked choke at 1:26 of the opening period.

Intermission: play-by-play will resume with the Showtime-televised card at 11 p.m. ET.

Rhadi Ferguson vs. John Richard
Round 1
The fighters touch gloves to start, and Richard closes the distance quickly. Ferguson pulls half guard and looks for a heel hook. Richard is out and now has Ferguson’s back. Ferguson rolls, but Richard rolls with him and maintains the position. Both men now stomach-up, Ferguson is defending the choke well before rolling into Richard’s guard. Now from top position Ferguson looks to deliver ground and pound. Richard’s mouthpiece hits the canvas twice, and referee Al Wichgers warns him that a point will be taken if it continues. Ferguson is now riding Richard from over-under control and dropping punches on his turtled opponent. The ref takes a point from Richard for spitting out his mouth piece. Ferguson continues to pound as the round expires.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-8 Ferguson
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-8 Ferguson
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-8 Ferguson

Round 2
Round two begins more cautiously. Richard wings an overhand left but hits nothing but air. Ferguson gets blasted with an apparent groin shot, but the referee does not call it so. Richard pounces and attacks, but he is overzealous and gets caught in a kneebar. After a considerable struggle, Richard is forced to tap out. The official time is 2:00 of round two.

Julia Budd vs. Amanda Nunes
Round 1
Referee Jeff Mackens starts the contest. Nunes starts with an inside leg kick and follow up with a left hook that floors Budd. Nunes pounces and drops hammerfists until the referee intervenes at the 14-second mark of the opening period. Nunes is ecstatic.

Daniel Cormier vs. Devin Cole
Round 1
h a double jab and follows with a leg kick. Cormier rifles off a right hand and the two clinch. They separate and Cormier lands a front kick. They clinch again and Cormier hits an insane lateral drop, landing in side control. Cole dives for a single, but Cormier rides him and secures a body lock as Cole stands. Now Cole gets free, but his back is still against the cage. Cormier tries another trip, but Cole’s base is stout. It’s a true battle in the clinch, and Cormier seems to be winning it.They break and Cole lands a right hand on the inside. Cormier lands a right hand bomb, but Cole is still there. Now it’s an uppercut from Cormier, followed by a trip takedown. The round expires with Cormier in Cole’s guard.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Cormier
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Cormier
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Cormier

Round 2
Cormier lands an outside leg kick to start round two. He charges with a flurry but lands nothing. Cormier whips Cole around with a whizzer and jumps on top. Now from half guard, Cormier passes to mount, but Cole uses the cage to escape. Cormier rides him, however, and lands in side control. Cole recovers half guard, but Cormier is still pounding him. Now Cormier again passes to side mount and lands a heavy, piston-like right hand to Cole’s belly. Cormier now has his back, and he wants the rear-naked choke. Cole is holding fast, though, and recovers half guard. Now Cole is going for a kimura from bottom, but there’s nothing there.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Cormier
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Cormier
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Cormier

Round 3
The fighters touch gloves to start the final round. Cormier again starts with a nice leg kick. A skirmish near the fence results in many blows thrown but none landed. The pair clinch in the center of the cage, and Cormier again presses his foe against the fence. The ref forces them apart. Cormier lands a sneaky uppercut and dives for the shot, but Cole defends. Cole nearly lands an illegal knee, but Cormier gets lucky and his head stays in one piece. The pair clinches again, and it’s a grueling exchange. The referee separates them again, and Cormier scores another takedown. Little damage is done, but Cormier ends up in half guard. Now Cormier is firing shots from top position as the round expires.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Cormier (30-27 Cormier)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Cormier (30-27 Cormier)
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Cormier (30-27 Cormier)

Official scores: 30-27s across the board for Daniel Cormier, winner by unanimous decision.

Ovince St. Preux vs. Ron Humphrey
Round 1
Al Wichgers starts the bout. St. Preux lands a sweet counter left hand early as Humphrey charges. After a hard exchange, they clinch and St. Preux ends up on top. St.Preux is trying to pass, but Humphrey is using a butterfly guard to keep him at bay. OSP passes to half guard and then side control. St. Preux tries to mount, but Humphrey uses it to escape. Humphrey lands on top, but St. Preux is looking for a triangle. Humphrey sits back for a leg submission and nearly has a kneebar locked up. St. Preux manages to escape and ends up in mount. Humphrey turns his back and turtles, and OSP rides him and lands heavy ground and pound. Now St. Preux has an arm triangle and he’s passed to side control. It shouldn’t be long now. Humphrey somehow shucks him off as the round expires.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 St. Preux
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 St. Preux
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 St. Preux

Round 2
Round two begins cautiously. St. Preux throws a high kick that is blocked. Humphrey clinches and looks for a takedown, but St. Preux reverses his momentum and dumps him on his butt. Now from inside Humphrey’s guard, St. Preux does little and the referee stands them up. Humphrey is now throwing serious leather. Suddenly, the contest has become a slobberknocker, as both men are swinging for the fences and landing. St. Preux finally dives for a takedown and secures it. St. Preux drops some hammer fists and passes to half guard before Wichgers stands them back up. OSP lands a pair of beautiful knees, but Humphrey is throwing with bad intentions and has St. Preux in trouble. St. Preux takes it to the floor once again, and time expires.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 St. Preux
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Humphrey
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 St. Preux

Round 3
The third round begins with another St. Preux takedown, but he’s again inactive from Humphrey’s guard and the referee stands them up. St. Preux looks weary. Humphrey lands a high kick, but St. Preux charges and looks for a knee tap takedown before executing a double leg. Humphrey is trying for an arm-in guillotine, but there’s nothing there. Humphrey is squeezing hard, however. St. Preux passes to side control and is setting up a Von Flue choke. Humphrey recovers guard, and the referee stands them up again. Humphrey lands an inside leg kick and tries for a high kick. Humphrey ends up on his back after a collision during the kick, however, and St. Preux is once again in his favorite position as the fight ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 St. Preux (30-27 St. Preux)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 St. Preux (29-28 St. Preux)
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 St. Preux (30-27 St. Preux)

Official scores: 30-27s from all three judges for Ovince St. Preux, winner by unanimous decision.

Tyron Woodley vs. Tarec Saffiedine
Round 1
Referee Greg Franklin gives the instructions for the bout and starts the contest. The young bucks touch gloves. Saffiedine comes out southpaw, Woodley orthodox. The fighters clinch, and Woodley presses Tarec against the cage. Woodley uses a body lock to lift Saffiedine and take him to the floor. Saffiedine butt-scoots to the fence and wall-walks to his feet. Woodley is still in control, however. Tarec desperately wants space as he defends a single-leg. Woodley is smothering with his control, and Saffiedine cannot break the clinch.They exchange knees to the lower body before the referee separates them. Woodley was poked in the eye, but the ref didn’t see it. Tarec moves ahead, unconcerned about Tyron’s eye. Woodley clinches again and presses Tarec against the cage.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-10
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Woodley
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-10

Round 2
Saffiedine presses to start and throws a high kick. Saffiedine throws a left straight, but Woodley counters with a nice one-two. Tarec lands a lead right hook and they clinch against the cage. Saffiedine is in control this time, however. The fighters exchange knees to the gut. Off the cage, Woodley scores a beautiful inside trip takedown. Woodley tries to pass Tarec’s open guard, but Saffiedine has his feet on Woodley’s hips. Saffiedine goes from triangle to armbar to omaplata, but Woodley escapes each attempt. Nice work from the bottom. Tarec looks for a pendulum sweep, but Woodley smothers it. Tarec turtles, trying to stand. Woodley is riding him well but inflicting little damage.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Woodley
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-10
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Woodley

Round 3
Tyron lands a right hand and the pair clinches once again. Saffiedine disengages and stuffs a single leg attempt. Saffiedine squirts his leg out and dives on top, securing side control. Woodley escapes to his feet, however, and they clinch once more standing. Tarec tries a high kick, but Woodley scores a nice takedown off the kick. Tarec is looking for an armbar, but Woodley is safe. Tyron escapes and stands. Tyron lands a body kick, but they again clinch. Tough round to call. Both fighters exchange as the horn sounds.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Saffiedine (29-29 Draw)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Woodley (30-28 Woodley)
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Saffiedine (29-29 Draw)

Official scores: 29-28 (twice) and 30-27 for Tyron Woodley, winner by unanimous decision.


Match Winner Loser Method


1 Steven Durr Dave Hurst Submission (Triangle Choke) 1 1:36
2 Cory Robison Dusty Gibbs Submission (Guillotine Choke) 1 1:37
3 Josh Phelps Randy Shores Submission 1 1:07
4 Stoney Hale Gerric Hayes Decision (Split) 3 5:00
5 Luke Sanders Josh Jarvis TKO (Punches) 1 3:15
6 Jason Blackford Jeremy Boczulak Submission (Heel Hook) 1 1:54
7 Chris Barnhizer Karl Willis Submission (Armbar) 1 2:35
8 Charles McTorry Krishaun Gilmore Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 2 3:46
9 Dustin West Daniel Schmitt TKO (Punches) 1 0:09
10 Dustin Ortiz Matt Horning TKO (Punches) 3 2:10
11 John Salter Casey Huffman TKO (Punches) 1 2:59
12 Thomas Campbell Jeremy Wallace Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 1 1:26
13 Rhadi Ferguson John Richard Submission (Kneebar) 2 2:00
14 Amanda Nunes Julia Budd KO (Punches) 1 0:14
15 Daniel Cormier Devin Cole Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
16 Ovince St. Preux Ron Humphrey Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
17 Tyron Woodley Tarec Saffiedine Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00



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