UFC 125 Results & Live Play-by-Play will report from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas at approximately 7:55 p.m. ET with play-by-play and live results of UFC 125, which is headlined by Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard.

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Antonio McKee vs. Jacob Volkmann
Round 1
Both come out cautiously in a southpaw stance. They paw right jabs. McKee misses a right hook but follows that with a kick to the ribs. McKee lands a left/right and then shoots in. He’s stuffed. They stand and clinch. McKee presses Volkmann into the cage. After about 20 seconds they separate. Volkmann shoots in and scores a takedown; he lands in half guard. McKee scrambles and gets back to his feet and presses “Christmas” into the cage again. Volkmann reverses and then separates. McKee misses a wild left uppercut/right hook. Very little action at end of frame. Very close round. 10-9 Volkmann.

Round 2
They paw jabs and stalk each other. A minute in and virtually nothing has happened. Volkmann shoots in and takes McKee down. They scramble and Volkmann takes his back, but he’s inverted. They scramble again and this time Volkmann has his back proper. He latches on a rear-naked choke, but McKee has great defense. Volkmann has both hook in but he can’t sink the choke. 90 seconds later and McKee is still defending perfectly. McKee now is punching upwards to try and score points. He’s actually landing many of his punches cleanly. McKee explodes and spins out of the choke and lands in Volkmann’s guard at the horn. 10-9 Volkmann.

Round 3
They circle cautiously for 45 seconds until Volkmann throws a right hook. It misses by a mile. Very little action and the sparse crowd begins to boo. Two minutes in and nothing has happened. McKee eats a right hand but answers with a left. McKee digs a right hook to the body followed by a left hand to the ribs. McKee lands a lunging right hand and shoots in. He scoops up Volkmann and slams him down to the canvas. Volkmann scoots to the cage and sits up. Volkmann wall walks after a minute or so buy McKee drags him back down. The horn sounds and those in attendance boo lustily. 10-9 McKee.

Official scores: 29-28 McKee, 29-28 Volkmann and 29-28 Volkmann. Jacob Volkmann takes the split decision.

Daniel Roberts vs. Greg Soto
Round 1
Roberts storms out and connects with a series of stiff right jabs from a southpaw stance. They flail away but neither lands a clean shot. Roberts shoots in but is stuffed and then caught in a guillotine. Roberts fends it off and scrambles to his feet. Soto sprawls to avoid a double leg but he’s eventually dragged down. Roberts lands in Soto’s half guard. Roberts is active from up top and delivers a series of left elbows and hammerfists. Soto returns the favor with a vicious elbow from the bottom. Soto scrambles and Roberts instantly locks in a perilous kimura. It’s deep. Soto rolls to escape but he is stick by the fence. It’s deep and Soto taps. The official time of submission is 3:25.

Mike Thomas Brown vs. Diego Nunes
Round 1
Nunes quickly fires a low kick and a spinning back kick. Brown charges in and shoots for a double, but Nunes stuffs him. Brown has Nunes pressed into the fence and digs dozens of vicious knees to the thigh. Nunes scrambles out and Brown is all over him. Brown lands a series of punches to the face and then seizes his back. Nunes explodes out and Brown slams him back down. Nunes scrambles up and is cracked by a massive left hand. He’s rocked and stumbles into the fence. Brown over extends on a takedown attempt and Nunes escapes danger and clears his head. Hard low kick connects for Nunes. Hard right hand by Brown. Flying knee by Nunes. Now it’s on. The Brazilian fires three more knees from the clinch. 10-9 Brown.

Round 2
Nunes’ left eye is totally shut at the start of the round. A hard low kick by Nunes followed by a spinning-back kick and another low kick. Brown just presses forward. Nunes is keeping a safe distance with his low and front kicks. They clinch. A few knees from Nunes find a home on Brown’s body. They separate. Brown isn’t as aggressive this round. Nunes is in total control with his awkward punches and low kicks. Brown shoots in but Nunes sprawls. Brown scoops him up but can’t slam him down because Nunes grabbed onto the corner post. Back up, Nunes lands another spinning-back kick. They clinch and Nunes connects with a series of knees to the body. 10-9 Nunes.

Round 3
Nunes lands a kick to the body, a head kick and a glancing axe kick. Brown can’t close the gap to strike due to Nunes’ distance. A hard low kick by Nunes. Brown shoots in but Nunes sprawls. They clinch against the cage and then trade knees to the body. Nunes reverses and has Brown pinned into the cage. Nunes lands a series of knees to the body. Brown slips out and lands a knee of his own. They separate. Nunes with another spinning-back kick. Another, but it’s blocked. Brown scores a textbook double leg and Nunes scrambles up to his feet. Head kick by Nunes at the horn. Great fight. 10-9 Nunes.

Official scores: 29-28, Nunes, 29-28 Brown and 29-28 Nunes. Nunes takes a split decision; there’s a mixture of cheers and boos for the verdict.

Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares
Round 1
Tavares continues to paw toward the back of the fence, and Baroni cracks him with a hard left hook. Tavares falls against the fence, and Baroni quickly looks for a guillotine, but can’t secure the choke. Tavares is able to defend the choke, but Baroni assumes top control, and gets to half guard, driving his forearm into Tavares. Tavares scrambles to his feet, but Baroni controls the head. Tavares catches two hard knees to the body as he barrels forward in pursuit of the takedown. Baroni sprawls, and drives him into the fence. The pair stand up in the clinch, and trade knees. Baroni lands a knee low on Tavares, and referee Josh Rosenthal gives him a momentary respite. Tavares cracks Baroni with a hard head kick, and Baroni waves him to come on. Tavares feints, and cracks Baroni with an overhand right. Baroni is rocked badly, falling into the cage and Tavares is all over him, pushing down his head and smashing him with punches. Rosenthal has seen enough, and calls the fight at 4:20 of the first round for the Hawaiian.

Dustin Poirier vs. Josh Grispi
Round 1
The pair trade kicks early, and Grispi lands a hard kick to the body. Poirier returns with a hard inside low kick. Poirier drives a teetp into Grispi’s chest. Grispi jumps guard high, and nearly gets high enough for a flying triangle, but Poirier defends and Grispi lands on his feet. They land in the clinch, and Poirier lands a volley of hard knees to Grispi. Grispi reels, and Poirier follows up, landing hard left and right hooks. Grispi shoots for a desperate takedown, but Poirier lands on top and pounds him momentarily before standing back up. Poirier lands another hard teep to the body. He follows with another hard push kick that puts Grispi on the mat. Poirier opts not to stay on top and lets him back up, where he goes to work on Grispi again, smashing him with hooks as Grispi reels along the fence. Grispi is being completely sonned on the feet. He drops for another desperate takedown, and Poirier takes top and continues the pounding. Poirier nearly takes Grispi’s back, but Grispi turns and gets half guard. Grispi locks up a kimura, and slowly waits for a chance to pull it away from Poirier’s body. He finally gets it away, but Grispi can’t pull Poirier’s arm back. Poirier escapes, and takes the round easily.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Poirier
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Poirier
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-8 Porier

Round 2
Grispi looks for another takedown, and Poirier smashes a knee into his gut. Grispi separates, and Poirier smashes him with another torrent of punches. Grispi shoots again, and finally gets Poirier to the ground. Poirier scrambles, but Grispi looks for a guillotine, and jumps it. He can’t get position, and Poirier escapes. Poirier clinches up and smashes Grispi with another series of knees. Poirier maintains the clinch and lands another three hard knees. Grispi changes levels, but Poirier sprawls forces his head into the met. Poirier takes top position and pounds away. Grispi looks for a triangle, but Poirier elevates him and throws him off. When Grispi regains his feet, Poirier assaults him with more punches and elbows. The Louisiana native is just smashing Grispi with standing elbows at the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Poirier
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Poirier
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-8 Porier

Round 3
Poirier gets to the Thai clinch again and smashes Grispi in the face with more knees. Grispi escapes, and shoots another slow, desperate takedown. Poirier sprawls and takes top position again, before standing up and forcing Grispi back to the feet. More crosses and uppercuts meet him when he regains his feet. Grispi walks headlong into another volley of hard knees. Poirier is just dragging him around with a double collar tie and smashing him with knees. Grispi drives low, and finally sucks Poirier off of his feet and puts him on his back. Grispi is able to pass to side control briefly, but Poirier regains full guard. He locks up and overhook and just hangs on to Grispi, waiting for the round to end. Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Poirier (30-27 Poirier)
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Poirier (30-27 Poirier)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Porier (30-25 Poirier)

Official scores: 30-27 across the board for Dustin Porier, winner by unanimous decision.

According to Compustrike data, Porier outlanded Grispi 102-28.

Jeremy Stephens vs. Marcus Davis
Round 1
Both men tense, sizing one another up and feinting. Stephens jumps in with a wild hook, leading to the clinch, with each man having one underhook. Davis double jabs, but doesn’t connect. Davis’ jab isn’t landing, but it is keeping Stephens on the outside. Stephens cracks Davis with an inside low kick, and drives the former pro boxer into the fence. Davis turns him around, and gets his leg deep on Stephens, tripping him to the mat and straight into half guard. Davis chips away with short left hands up against the fence, as Stephens looks to walk up the wall. Stephens is able to scramble back to his feet and break free. Davis lands a hard overhand left on Stephens, stumbling him. Recognizing he’s hurt Stephens, Davis charges at Stephens, and runs him into the cage. Stephens is able to stave off the takedown until the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Davis
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Davis
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Davis

Round 2
Stephens avoids a flurry from Davis, and cracks him with an outside low kick. Davis throws a left cross and misses, and Stephens misses the right cross counter. Stephens low kicks, and looks for a flying knee that misses. Both men tentative to throw, each waiting for the other to engage so they can counter. Davis lunges with a hook, but Stephens sidesteps it and clinches briefly. Stephens continues to try to time Davis with a right hook counter and can’t land it. Davis stpes in, and Stephens drops for a takedown, driving Davis back into the cage. Stephens gets his hands closed on a single, but can’t get Davis to the mat. Davis ties up Stephens leg, tripping him to the ground as Stephens goes for a kimura. Davis wisely steps into side control, taking away much of the threat of Stephens’ kimura attempt. Stephens kicks his legs low and gets half guard back, trying to crank Davis’ arm behind his back. Davis lays down on him, idly punching his ribs. Davis yanks his arm free, and steps up in full guard. However, Stephens is the more active, elbowing to Davis’ head to the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Stephens
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Stephens
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Stephens

Round 3
Stephens shoots a takedown but is rebuffed by Davis. Davis lands a hard overhand left that rocks Stephens, but Stephens returns fire with a hard right hand of his own. Stephens throws a roundhouse kick that hits only air. Davis now starts to move forward, in pursuit of a left cross. Davis throws a low kick, and finally lands the left cross he’s seeking. As Davis throws a right overhand, Stephens squats low and drives into his skull with a spear of a right hand. Davis goes down, and Stephens is all over him with a diving punch for good measure. Davis is completely unconscious. Stephens’ sudden, brutal knockout comes at 2:33 of the final round.

Clay Guida vs. Takanori Gomi
Round 1
Through the first minute, there is frenetic movement from both fighters and very little action. Guida throws two lunging overhand rights that miss by miles. Guida smacks a head kick off Gomi’s face, and charges with a takedown that Gomi sprawls on. Guida shoots a single, and Gomi sprawls, turning and limplegging out of the attempt. Gomi looking for an overhand left, but can’t land it. Neither men have really landed anything of conseqeuence with 90 seconds to go in the round. Gomi grazes with a jab. Gomi throws a wild hook, and Guida ducks under and elevates Gomi to score his first clean takedown. Guida sets up shop in half guard. Guida throws a sharp elbow that misses before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Guida
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Guida
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Guida

Round 2
Gomi clips Guida with a punch, prompting Guida to drive for a takedown, but Gomi is able to limpleg out. Guida bulls him into the fence, but Gomi is able to fight off the fence. Gomi continues to change levels, looking for a left cross. Guida capitalizes with another head kick and a right cross. Gomi lands a flicking jab, and another. He explodes at Guida with a hard knee, but Guida controls his leg and slams him to the mat again, landing in half guard. Guida tries pushing to the fence, looking to secure his arm deeper around Gomi’s neck for an arm-triangle choke. Gomi is able to fight out and looks for a kimura from the bottom. Guida escapes, and swings his arm over Gomi’s head. He passes to mount quickly, prompting Gomi to roll right into a deep arm-in guillotine. Gomis strains to pull his head out, but can’t, and is forced to tap. The end comes at 4:27 of the second round.

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim
Round 1
Diaz paws with his jab, and Kim drives forward and slams him to the floor. Diaz momentarily looks for a kimura from the bottom, but gives it up. Diaz is active, moving his legs, looking for submissions. Kim cracks him with a single punch from guard and looks for the pass, but can’t get to side control. He gets to north-sorth and Diaz attempts to scramble, but Kim controls his hips and reaffirms top position. Kim tries to pin Diaz’s leg in guard, but Diaz frees himself and grapevines Kim’s leg. Kim spins out, and takes top position again. As Kim settles into guard, Diaz looks for a kneebar momentarily, but Kim easily escapes and sets up in full guard again. Kim gets to half guard, and Diaz turns, exposing his back. Kim sinks his hooks in briefly, but Diaz rolls through and seeks a kneebar again. Kim escapes, and they get back to their feet, missing punches as the bell goes.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Kim
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Kim
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Kim

Round 2
Diaz flicks his jab and follows with a hard left cross. Diaz comes forward again, and digs into Kim with a four-punch combination that features a hard left hook to the body. Diaz lands a nice two-piece combination that forces Kim to shoot: Kim doesn’t get the first takedown attempt, but Kim continues looking for the takedown and takes him to the mat with an inside trip. Diaz continues to stagnate Kim’s attempts to pass guard with active hips and punches from the bottom. Kim tries to vault over Diaz’s legs, but Diaz shuts it down. Kim lands some overhand rights, and tries to pass under. When he brings his knees off the mat, Diaz upkicks him, pushing him away, but Kim drives forward and puts him right back on the mat. Kim lands two overhand rights. Diaz puts his legs up, and Kim stacks him yet again. Diaz rolls and exposes his back again, but Kim can’t take back control. The Korean cradles Diaz, taking away his hips, but Diaz is able to escape and take Kim’s back. Kim is able to throw him off over the top, and Diaz lands a right hand as the horn sounds.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Diaz
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Diaz
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Diaz

Round 3
Kim’s nose is bloodied as the third round begins, and Diaz mashes his nose with his jab again. The two southpaws exchange left crosses, and Kim throws a head kick that clips the back of Diaz’s head as he ducks. The Korean throws in a short right hand, and looks for a lackadaiscal takedown, which Diaz defends, and then takes a rear waistlock on the Korean briefly. Kim bends over for another takedown, and Diaz gets a front headlock, and delivers a sharp knee. Kim puts his hand on the ground, and Diaz lands another knee. Kim crumples to the ground after the illegal blow, and referee Yves Lavigne gives Kim a brief respite and warns Diaz. The action resumes, and Diaz is able to put Kim on the mat. However, Kim quickly sweeps, and presses Diaz into the fence. Diaz turns his back again and fights back to his feet. Kim looks to sink one of his hooks standing, but Diaz defends. Kim eventually pulls him to the ground and sinks his hooks, but Diaz peels them off and attacks the leg again. Kim pulls his leg out, and holds onto the rear waistlock standing with 90 seconds to go. Kim grapevines Diaz’s far leg and falls to the mat, but is too tired to sink his hooks, and both men get back to their feet. Kim tries for a harai goshi throw, and Diaz pushes him off, and lands a head kick that snaps Kim’s head back against the fence. Diaz pushes Kim into the fence, kneeing Kim to the head and body. Kim goes for head control, looking for a throw, and Diaz smashes him with repeated right hands, drawing a roar from the crowd. Diaz looks for a takedown at the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Diaz (30-28 Diaz)
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Diaz (29-28 Diaz)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Diaz (29-28 Diaz)

Official scores: All three judges 29-28 Kim. No judges’ names are announced.

Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera
Round 1
Vera lands two hard leg kicks, and Silva landing a chopping right over the top. Silva pushes him into the fence, and Vera lands a knee to the body. Silva drops for a single-leg takedown, and gets it, setting up in half guard. Thiago is trying to pass, Vera controls his upper body to prevent it. Vera switches to half butterfly guard, looking for a sweep. Silva moves to half guard, and as Vera looks to regain, Silva passes over to the other side to sit in side control. Silva starts delivering short elbows and punches. Silva continues to grind away with short shots. He pulls his arm back in toward his body, smashing Vera with an elbow. Vera kicks his legs up, and Silva catches one, and falls to his back, looking for a heel hook. Vera escapes and the horn sounds.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Silva
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Silva
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Silva

Round 2
The second round begins with both men trading heavy hooks. Vera gets through clean and flush with a left hook-right hook combo. Silva lands a right of his own and they clinch up along the fence. As Vera pushes Silva into the fence, Silva raises his leg and explodes forward with a brilliant trip into the full guard. Vera throws elbows from his back while Silva lands short, idle punches. Vera kicks Silva away, but Silva splits his legs and passes through to half guard. Vera gets a butterfly hook, and digs under the thigh looking for a sweep. Silva punches with both hands. Silva lands a hard left that forces Vera to cover up, and follows with more lefts. Silva continues to chop away with short punches and elbows. With 30 seconds to go, Silva postures up and throws a strong salvo of punches. Vera is stuck on the bottom with no recourse. Silva hammers away until the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Silva
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Silva
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Silva

Round 3
Silva throws a body kick, but Vera catches it, and trips him to the mat. Vera returns with another body kick. “The Truth” looks for a head kick, and Silva runs him into the cage again, and gets double underhooks, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Silva ducks under and gets a rear waistlock. Vera tries to elbow him from behind, but Silva uses the momentum of the strike to pull Vera to the mat, looking to take his back. Silva gets one hook in, and punches away on Vera. Silva starts to posture up, throwing punches and hammerfists, and trying to sink his arm under Vera’s chin. Silva mocks Vera, drumming on his back, and slapping him in the ear, which prompts Vera to throw an elbow at Silva behind him, which misses. Vera continues to control one of Silva’s wrists, as Silva smashes away with left hands as the horn sounds. Silva leisurely skips to his feet, while Vera slowly gets to his feet with a completely destroyed, gnarled nose.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Silva (30-27 Silva)
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Silva (30-27 Silva)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Silva (30-27 Silva)

Official scores: 30-26 and 30-27 (twice) for Thiago Silva.

According to Compustrike data, Silva connected with 111 strikes to Vera’s 35.

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann
Round 1
The pair trade low kicks, and Stann cracks Leben with a right cross. Leben throws a wide left hand, and Stann cracks him with another right. Leben with a low kick. Stann pushes him into the fence, and shuts down an attempted Leben trip. The pair break out in a full hockey fight from the collar tie, and Leben crunches some uppercuts into Stann’s face before Stann pushes him back into the fence. Stann looks for knees to the body but can’t land anything hard and clean. They separate, and Stann lands a hard kick to the body. Stann lands a hard two-piece, and Leben comes forward right into a flurry of hard punches from Stann. Stann lands a massive right hook and Leben goes down in a heap, in slow motion, and Stann pounces with punches as Leben holds on. Leben makes it back to his feet, only to be dropped again by heavy Stann fire. Stann is all over “The Crippler” as Josh Rosenthal looks on with concern. Leben somehow gets back to his feet again, but he’s basically out on his feet. Stann crushes him with a knee, and the follow up punches seal the deal. Rosenthal has given Leben every chance to recover, but he’s down and out officially at 3:37 of the first round.

UFC Lightweight Championship
Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard
Round 1
The first minute of the bout is marked by much feinting and little striking, until Edgar cracks a low kick into Maynard. Maynard lands a crushing overhand left that drops Edgar, who does a somersault backwards. Maynard chases down Edgar and is all over him with punches. Edgar is desperate in pursuit of a takedown, but Maynard is bashing him with rights and lefts. Edgar tries to turn and retreat but is hit with more heavy artillery. Maynard continues the assault while Edgar is able to defend just well enough to let Yves Lavigne let him continue. Edgar gets back to his feet and gets cracked with a right uppercut that puts him down again, forcing him into another attempted takedown. Maynard pounds and pounds. Edgar makes it back to his feet, but he’s extremely groggy and looks to have little speed left. Edgar’s nose is bloody, and he continues to circle into Maynard’s left hook. With 20 seconds to go in the round, Edgar starts to land short punches of his own, however, it’s far too little, too late after an absolute shellacking by “The Bully.”

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-7 Maynard
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-8 Maynard
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-8 Maynard

Round 2
Edgar looks to have gained some measure of his wits back, moving much more smoothly with speed. He lands a hard overhand right that marks up Maynard’s left eye with a trickle of blood beneath it. Maynard still looking to land a swiping left hook, but can’t connect. Edgar doubles his left hook, but Maynard blocks it. Body kick and a right hand land for Edgar. Edgar cracks Maynard with another right hand. Maynard looks for a takedown, but Edgar shucks him off easily. The champion looks much better in this second round after a nearly catastrophic first frame. Right hand to the body, left cross land for Edgar. Maynard rushes forward, and Edgar ducks low, and picks him up with a massive slam and dumps him to the mat. However, “The Answer” can’t keep Maynard down, and he scrambles back to his feet. ANother right cross lands on Maynard’s bloody left eye. Left hook to the body, right hook up top for Edgar again. Maynard shoots and Edgar stuffs it. Edgar wobbles Maynard with another right cross, and puts another one in his mush before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Edgar
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Edgar
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Edgar

Round 3
Maynard kicks, and Edgar’s left hook to the body, right hand upstairs lands again. Edgar lands another low kick. Edgar switches stance and kicks Maynard in the legs again. Another clean right cross cracks Maynard. Maynard gets in on a deep single, but Edgar gets an underhook and twists out. Maynard is still throwing the left hook that did so much damage in round one, but Edgar is staying just off the end of it. Edgar lands a jab, and Maynard lands a short left hand. Edgar misses with a two-punch combinations, and Maynard lands a right hook that turns the faucet in Edgar’s nose on. Maynard changes levels and gets Edgar down, but Edgar gets back to his feet. Maynard sucks him back to the ground and Edgar looks for a kimura momentarily. Maynard pulls his arm out, and drives Edgar to the fence. Edgar whips his left arm over Maynard’s head just before the end of the round and sinks a guillotine, but the horn stops any offense short.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Edgar
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Maynard
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-10

Round 4
Edgar shoots for a takedown and almost gets Maynard to the ground. Maynard stands back up, and Edgar threatens with a guillotine up against the fence. However, Maynard fights his hand and escapes. Maynard shows his penetration step, and Edgar changes levels low and harpoons him to the mat again. However, despite the great takedown, Edgar can’t keep Maynard on the floor, as “The Bully” springs back up. On the feet, it’s hard to believe the fight started as it did, as Maynard’s punching is labored and rired, and Edgar’s punches are cleaner and straighter. Maynard misses a cross and an uppercut. Maynard throws a two-punch combo and Edgar answers with a knee to his head. Edgar changes levels and drives Maynard into the fence. Maynard overhooks Edgar’s arm to prevent the takedown, but Edgar smashes him with some short punches on the other side. Edgar pops his double jab off of Maynard’s face. The pace has slowed, but both men are still throwing punches. Edgar lands a three-punch combo, albeit without much steam. Maynard throws a right, but Edgar evades and hits him with the double jab again. Edgar swings a low kick that misses. Horn.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Edgar
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Edgar
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Edgar

Round 5
Edgar feints and smacks a low kick into the outside of Maynard’s lead leg. “The Answer” throws a three-punch combo, but lands only the left hook. He comes back with his left hook to the body, right hook to the head, and lands. Maynard lands a winging shot as Edgar circles away. Maynard shoots weakly, and Edgar glances him with a knee. Maynard shoots again, and can’t get the takedown, but gets a front headlock and lands a knee before Edgar pulls away. Edgar lands a knee to the body as Maynard wades in for another takedown Maynard throws a weak uppercut, and Edgar pops him with two hooks. Edgar looks for al ow kick, and Maynard thwarts him with a stiff jab. Edgar ruishes with an uppercut and a pair of hooks that crack Maynard. Edgar lands a left hook and then flurries with a three-punch combo, punctuated with a hard right hook that snaps Maynard’s head back. Maynard shoots, and is stuffed again. Maynard continues to look for a last-second takedown, but Edgar shuts him down and continues to land counters. Both men launch haymakers at the horn to end a fantastic fight. Brilliant display by Frank Edgar fighting back from what seemed like certain disaster in the first round.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Edgar (47-46 Edgar)
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Edgar (47-47 Draw)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Maynard (48-47 Maynard)

Official scores: 48-46 Maynard, 48-46 Edgar and a 47-47 draw. The bout has been ruled a split draw.


UFC 125 – Resolution

January 1, 2011
MGM Grand Garden Arena,
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States



Match Winner Loser Method Round Time


1 Jacob Volkmann Antonio McKee Decision (Split) 3 5:00
2 Daniel Roberts Greg Soto Submission (Kimura) 1 3:45
3 Diego Nunes Mike Thomas Brown Decision (Split) 3 5:00
4 Brad Tavares Phil Baroni TKO (Knees and Punches) 1 4:20
5 Dustin Poirier Josh Grispi Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
6 Jeremy Stephens Marcus Davis KO (Punch) 3 2:33
7 Clay Guida Takanori Gomi Submission (Guillotine Choke) 2 4:27
8 Dong Hyun Kim Nate Diaz Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
9 Thiago Silva Brandon Vera Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
10 Brian Stann Chris Leben TKO (Knee and Punches) 1 3:37
11 Frankie Edgar Gray Maynard Draw 5 5:00




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